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Selfridges is one of the most prestigious stores in the UK and has won four of the best store titles in the world. Harry Selfridges marks the end of the British retail era and the beginning of modern times. It offers the most iconic brands in the world. Allows you to use Selfridges discount coupons at a better price than what is already displayed in the online store.

Browsing through the dress codes of different events can be quite tricky, but crucial, to avoid any social faux-pas. You want to make sure that your dress is the perfect fit for the event, so you turn leads for all the right reasons. Below are some dress code regulations for each type of major event to keep in mind when...

Xmas are here, and it is time to get gussied up for most of the parties that you plan to attend. From your office Christmas party to a night out on the town for New Year's Eve, you'll need to look the part with a stylish dress that matches the event you may be attending.Office